Thursday, 11 February 2010

From Venus

This is something which I wrote sometime back

I was never good at Science, so this concept of 'Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus' never made sense to me. Why talk about planetary influences when living on ground...(earth). I didn't think it was a big deal. Now, that I am four months into marriage, the distinction is slowly becoming clear to me.
I arrived at this conclusion after some 'minor' glitches, which according to my husband were 'blunders'. Talk of opposite poles attracting – I don't know ABC of cars and their body parts. I mistook fan belt for conveyor belt and the mention of BMW motorcycle set me thinking. I had heard of BMW cars, but what so special about this motorcycle?
Then 'Mars' decided that it was time 'Venus' was given some lessons in cars, motorcycles and their engineering – how a two engine powered BMW motorcycle was the best and very rare and is the best example of..... I am not sure if I can recall the rest.
Well, we move on to another touchy topic. Married women generally have to deal with 'other' woman in their husband's life – their mothers. I had to deal with two. His daughter. Ah...uhhhh. Don't get me wrong. Its his dog or should I say she-dog, whom he considers as his daughter. (You see, I could never differentiate a dog from a she-dog)
Unfortunately, I never got along well with the 'daughter'. On my first meeting with her, I fled for my dear life when she tried to come too close for comfort. After four months, I can walk past the daughter, ready to flee if she comes close. I am being urged to pat the dear girl, but for once 'Venus' has dug in her heels and refused to give in to 'Mars'.
Another lesson which I learnt is that there is no scope for sentimentality in a 'Mars' life. He came upon some scattered and withered rose petals, chocolate wrappers under the bed.
“Whose are these? And, why have they been kept under the bed? Just throw them away, will you?”
I was stunned and mortified. “I won't throw them away. The petals...well, you had presented me roses when I agreed to marry you. You gave me chocolate when I was on a diet and had hunger pangs. How can I possibly throw them away?”
Now, it was the 'Mars' turn to be stunned. And, speechless too. He gave me the distinct impression that he thought that I was acting like a henwit. But, he was sensible enough to not voice his thoughts. He was a man of action. He just gathered the petals and the wrappers and tossed them off in the trash bin.
“Next time when I buy you flowers and chocolates, promise me not to keep them preserved for posterity or eternity or whatever it is,” 'Mars' said and 'Venus' nodded.
So much for sentimentality!
I have dealt with cars and the dog (oops, she-dog) and the roses...what else remains? Maybe 'Mars' fastidious views about how 'Venus' should be dressed. That of course is a touchy, touchy topic. “A neatly dressed woman, swishing down in heels, her long plait swaying behind...” that's his ideal 'Venus'.
I object to 'swishing down in heels'. You don't swish down in heels... you go 'tok, tok' in them. My attempts at correcting his usage of metaphor was met with a stern gaze.
Venus has lots to learn, you see.


  1. with time venus and mars get closer or at least build a bridge. that happens in every marriage.

  2. Well till the time jupiter dont come in both of your life, you ar supposed to comment each other.
    and thats fine.
    I guess you got it,wat i wanna say.

  3. just remember that you are venus, and adored by earth and mars still has to make an imprint. as long as swishing and tok tok is concerned, tell him to try wearing the heels and swish in them... :)