Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Old and New

I happened to be in Sadashiv Peth yesterday.
The landscape/skyline has changed. Old crumbling wadas (there are a few left) are now sandwiched between apartments, buildings with fancy names.
I was walking home so I decided to do a random check – to spot buildings/stores which I frequented to when I was staying in the hostel.
Yup, Shabdali was there. The owner looking unhappy...(was he threatened by the new, swish, swanky, modern stores off the block?)
I went to Shabdali often to buy Teens Today, Tinkle, Outlook and India Today. On the opposite side, there used to be Calyx – a card shop. Now there's some electronic store there.
I took a turn to the Madiwale Colony. My friend's house is still there. I didn't drop in to say hello. She is in US now.
Then another left turn and I came to Swami Samarth Math. I liked being there. I used to stay as a PG in a house which had its back to the Math. Now, the house has been razed down. Another apartment has come up. At that corner, I could smell the cowdung. That means the old cowshed was still standing next to the temple. I could hear the temple bells - very soothing.
Straight down and another left...Udyan Mangal Karyalaya is still there. On the opposite side, Scouts and Guides ground throbbed with activity. Shailesh Rasvanti Gruha doing a brisk job and maybe good earning too.
A decade earlier, Tilak Road, Sadashiv Peth, Khajina Vihir Chowk were looked down up – gao, ghati and agau. After yesterday's visit, I will say 'ghati has become trendy'.
Almost all big names in the electronic market are standing tall and proud on Tilak Road – Sony, Haier, Samsung, Maharashtra Electronic Company, Whirlpool and what not.
And, there are so many shops selling 'western wear' - washed out jeans/denims and check shirts on display. What fancy names they have! One said 'Marino'. Why the hell, Marino? Wasn't there a biscuit company with the same name?
I just spotted one shop, a tailoring shop, which said – ithe punjabi suit shivun milel. Now jeans are in. If you wear a 'punjabi', then you are a 'behenji'.
Next time you are in Pune, (the ones who stayed in Sadashiv Peth), take a test. Find out how many old landmarks are still standing.

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