Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Peeping Tom

I have often used google (we all do) to check up facts, stories and other random stuff. Sometimes I have come across bits and pieces about friends and acquaintances - some profile somewhere throwing up some unknown facets. At times like these I have often felt like voyeur - that I am reading something which I SHOULDN'T BE. Some things ought to be private.
I then tried to wash off the guilt by telling myself that nothing can't be private and personal in today's age and after all I wasn't out on a snoopy trail.
Imagine my surprise and shock when I came across my own marriage profile posted on some unknown site. I knew I hadn't registered myself on this site when I was on a groom-hunting spree.
And, yet today when I googled myself, my name, I found this profile. Complete with my name, details and what was I looking for in my-to-be.
I tried hard to find their address/email id so that I could wipe out the profile. I did get numbers and I will call them and do that.
But I wonder if it will actually get deleted.
Fifty years later maybe my grandkid would find a marriage profile of his granny. Hahhaa. Perhaps not. The Internet system would have crashed (or a new superior one would be in place) and all my signs of existence would be truly wiped out!

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  1. that is scary indeed :)
    i google myself and am hardly satisfied with what i see :(