Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Reason and Religion

Watched Umesh Kulkarni's Deool on Sunday.
I didn't like the movie. Yes, it was topical and relevant. And real - the commerce that goes hand in hand with religion.
I have spent half of my life in small town so I have seen the sudden upsurge in economy, and the playing up of religious factor.
But what ails the movie or in my opinion makes it one-dimensional is the strangulation of the voice of reason or rationality.
Dilip Prabhavlkar's Anna is the rational voice in the movie, who suddenly packs up and goes off to his son in Bangalore.
He's the counterfoil to Bhau (Nana Patekar) and his brigade of itching to do something young men. But while Bhau says building the temple is the way of development, Anna doesn't offer any convincing argument or observations or alternatives to the path of development to be forked out.
We all have enough Bhaus in our midst and we all can see the effects of their development. But not enough Annas. Perhaps the movie could have been different and given rationality a voice, some thought to chew upon. Sadly, it doesn't.
PS: What was Naseeruddin Shah doing in the film?

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