Monday, 17 June 2013

The Big Picture

I think we are acting like “sheep”..where one goes, several follow. How else can you describe this coverage of Vidya Balan as the media-nominated brand ambassador for sarees?

  • Has it escaped everyone's notice that Sonakshi Sinha in all her hitherto movies has been dressed in sarees? Remember Dabangg, Dabangg 2 and now her forthcoming Lootera? Sonakshi might not be a powerhouse performer like Vidya Balan, but looks a lot better than her.

  • There were hardly any newsreports covering Cannes Film Festival; any ignoramus will think that Cannes is a fashion show; catty comments, bitching and some more bitching about Indian Princess wearing nathni. The only Indian who stood out there, not because of her sartorial sense, was Nandita Das. Discreet, elegant and sophisticated and INTELLIGENT.

  • YJHD crossing so many crore benchmark is a joke. How can anyone like this movie? This, self-congratulatory, well-done pat on the back, which Karan Johar needs every now and then? And, since no one will do it for Johar, he decides to revolve the whole picture around him, his productions and heroines and his buddyship with SRK. Or wait, maybe he meant it as a tribute to the Indian cinema (Bollywood to Johar). Listen carefully to Badtameez will find Chikni Chameli and Chikna Kameena..remember chameli (Katrina) from Agneepath and Kameena Shahid Kapoor. There's bole chudiya, there's reference to DDLJ running at Maratha Mandir, there's Karan Arjun joke, and then Awara tattoo being flashed by RK JR. Hell, we went to watch a movie made by Ayan Mukherjee (Wake Up Sid was the pull) and not this “pat me on the back” mess. Karan Johar grow up!

  • too! I agree with my friend who said that SRK needs to stay off the camera for 3-4 years at the least. Go take a break! Relax! Smoke! Fight! After that, perhaps you can stretch your facial muscles into emoting. Aren't you tired of doing the same, same thing, movie after movie. You are stuck in a rut. I watch Swades sometimes, to remind myself that you are a good actor. You can act sometimes; rest of the time you just HAM.

  • I am tired of seeing Aamir Khan parading as intellectual, working his grey cell charm. Please...Aamir..stick to acting. You do a far better job than express opinions on subjects which you know very little about. Little knowledge is dangerous – remember? And, what's this with cross-dressing? Cross-dressing to sell Godrej refrigerators? Wow!

  • Saif Ali Khan...don't every do the “pungi” dance. You are far too classy for that!

  • Katrina Kaif, do you know Kalki Koechlin? She is white-skinned of French parentage. Speaks Hindi far better than you; you with your half-Indian parentage could learn something from her. In fact even learn to act!

I am not being mean...okay. It's just that we are being fed selective truth for a long, long time. I just wanted to state beyond the obvious. Maybe it reads like a rant. But, this is how I feel.

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