Thursday, 18 February 2010

Dear Lucy...

Dear Lucy,
Where would I be without you? You are a real friend...ensuring that I munch less on chips and run around and also exercise my vocal chords once in a while.
I do find it irritating when every time you see something edible in my hands, you make a rush at me, pawing and clawing. No amount of squealing, shouting or thumping works. You are really very determined. On most occasions I have to give up bakarwadi (something which I really like) or chocolates and see you falling upon it greedily. You give it one final lick, and look up at me again hoping that I will oblige with some more. That doesn't really happen.
Sometimes when you are out in the garden, barking your head off, I manage to sneak in few bakarwadis and chocolates. I feel so happy! Guilt pleasure! And, the fact that I outwitted you also adds to my happiness.
Sometimes I feel sad at having snacked behind your back, so I offer you some biscuits and watch you gobble them up. When I'm in a really generous mood, I give you chocolates too.
What has it resulted in? We are both round and rosy.
Did I refer to exercise and munching the beginning? We have to ignore that.

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