Tuesday, 16 February 2010

German Bakery

The day after German Bakery blast, I got calls from friends in Delhi to check if I was safe. I was 'safe' and 'insulated' from the happening too.
"Yeah...yeah I am okay. It's not near my place."
There was and still is the disconnect with the blast. Maybe I have got too cynical and fatalist.
"If I have to die, then I will die." Sounds cruel perhaps. But life has not been any different for a decade or so. The first time I really shuddered at the dastardly act, and killing of innocents was the 1993 serial blasts which rocked Bombay/Mumbai. I was 11 or 12 and I can recall and even feel the tensed atmosphere and people watching their backs. After that, I think one sorta gets used to such killings - as long as its not me.
Perhaps the terrorists have succeeded. They have succeeded in benumbing the humane feelings and also the cry for justice. Past reports have shown that none of the terrorists or the brain behind the plan or the mastermind, as they say, has ever been arrested.
Some Mehsud gets killed in Pakistan. Does it stop the killings in India, UK, USA, Israel and even Pakistan? Nope. And, it never will.
I am not sure what my reaction is supposed to be? An eye for an eye, but then as Gandhi said An eye for an eye will make the nation go blind. Cynical though I am, I certainly believe in that. Civilians taking up arms or burning with the desire for revenge will not really help. We will lose youth, we will just go back to stone age. Look at Pakistan and Afghanistan - their own citizens are living as refugees. Those who could afford and had the means escaped to other countries like US leaving their own nation in shambles.
I don't want that to happen to India. I don't want destruction, I don't want 'human bodies' living here. I just want us to grow from strength to strength.
I can give no clear cut solutions to others. I don't have any myself. I just want to be able to relive those days when life was peaceful.
I'm referring to the 80s when growing up meant watching He Man and eating mud and cycling and laughing and crying because your sibling beat you or snatched your chocolate. And, not because you have been left behind your sibling. It's not so back in the past. Maybe we can still go back to it. I certainly do.


  1. Definately i beleive that we should strive hard to regain the peace we had in earlier days, imean the terror free society. One can face war situations in prepared manner on border, but to face the war against human race within country is much more difficult...But looking at present scenario I think we should be prepared to face the tough times also...

  2. yeah..true
    wish we could just rewind or go back in time.
    that's not possible so lets hope that sanity wins the war