Thursday, 18 February 2010

Learning to be lady-like

Some pointers for me...hinted by my well-wishers

1)Brushing my hair at least twice or thrice in a day
2)Avoid wearing wrinkled clothes and mis-matched payjamas (Ooops, Salwars or chudidars and something called legging is 'in'. Payjamas is so downmarket, snigger the polite ladies)
3)How about trying to sit with knees pressed together for 10 minutes in a day instead of split wide open? (Am trying. No luck, so far)
4)How about....ahem ahem...manicure and pedicure? (What's that supposed to mean?)
5)A touch of lipstick... (Eeeeeeeew... run for my dear life)
6)Waxing hands and... (It's too hot, I yell. And cold wax is too....icky)
7)Avoid walking with a heavy tread (Is the construction so shaky that it will collapse at my … weight)
8)Greeting others politely ( I thought backslapping established instant camaraderie)
9)Talking in a low, soft tone. (I CAN'T HEAR YOU)
10)No picking nose. Why not carry a daintily embroidered hanky to blow your nose into?(Got it, got it)

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