Friday, 19 March 2010


I am bored...I am bored..I am bored...I am bored...I am bored...I am bored...I am bored...

Writing it over and over again doesn't make me feel less bored. So, what should I do to feel better? to feel happy? to feel good and nice and float on cloud nine?
Should I rant or rave? Should I laugh like insane? Or should I stretch those lip muscles in a grimace?
Hmmmm...tried and tested
I am not feeling better.
Why not write down those things that make me feel better?
What will make me feel better?
1) Sizzling brownie with hot chocolate sauce
2) Garma-garam pohe with ketchup
3) A good book
4) A good movie
5) A bed to sleep and no one to disturb
6) Gulmohar tree
7) A jog around the park
8) A bench where I can sit and watch the world go by
9) No work to be done and no pressing deadlines to be met
10) The fragrance of ratrani and mogra at night
11) The slight nip in the air
12) The first rain and the smell/aroma/fragrance of the mud
13) The deep blue sea
14) Drive down the bylanes
15) Red roofs of an old bungalow
16) Tulsi plants in the front yard (reminds me of home)
17) Trees aiming for the skies
18) Splashing of cold water on my face
19) A mssg or call from a loved one (Mssg me someone)
20) Sitting in the bus to go home
I am feeling slightly better. I am slightly less BORED

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