Friday, 19 March 2010


There have been few times that I felt really troubled by other people's attitude towards me. This latest incident however takes the cake.
The two fat suckers just stood up and yelled and yelled - I wonder how they managed to pitch their voice on that 'even' tempo. The performance lasted for some 10 minutes. I just didn't look at them. But, I know that they spouted lava of venom and all the malice they could rake up. Not against me. I mean, they didn't take my name. But made sure that I heard every word that was being yelled/hurled like a missile at me.
The first time they put up the act, I had a tough time stopping myself from giggling. I wish I had. That would have taken the wind out of their sails. The second act deserved a punch. Perhaps that would have taken the air out of those puffed up balloons. But I didn't. Not for the lack of courage.
I just couldn't stoop so low like standing in my cubicles and yelling names. No, not names. They didn't take the name of those who had angered them. Perhaps it suggests something about them. Besides being fat suckers, they are also COWARDS!
I didn't give them a 'first look' when they stood up yelling for the whole world to hear. They don't deserve it - UNCOUTH WHO HAVE NO SENSE OF DECORUM.
All this ranting might give me a momentary satisfaction. But that still doesn't answer my question.
Why do some people try to make it tough for others? Because the others are good at something which they are not? Because they want to be the first at finger pointing - lest someone points fingers at them and say 'work shirkers'. ? Or are they just bloody unhappy lot who wish to spoil someone's day?
What the hell is wrong with me?
Why am I wasting my words on the fat suckers? They deserve a royal IGNORE. Let them be. Empty vessels make more noise - or Fat suckers make more noise
(Pssst...won't the fat sucker ups be glad if they come across this blog? At least someone has taken a notice of their antics. SO, FAT SUCKERS, THIS IS FOR YOU....

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