Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Story of Ambu

This was written for the kids studying in vernacular medium.
(God! Two posts in a day!)


Six-year-old Ambu sat under the shade of a banyan tree, tears pricking her eyes.
“Dear God, in next ten minutes, I want to grow up like Anu, Raksha, Aju and Abhi. I don’t want to remain limbu-timbu,” Ambu prayed her eyes shut tight.
After sometime Ambu opened her eyes to find that she was still the same.
She wanted so badly to be in the cricket team, to hit fours and sixes off the full-toss ball. But Ambu was made to run and hunt for the ball in thick hedges and remain at the beck and call of the players.
Today she threw a tantrum, but the teenagers gave her sage advice, “Grow up limbu-timbu.”
Thus sat Ambu wondering how to grow up…when she heard herself being called. There were the others, coming towards her waving and beckoning.
“The ball has disappeared. Will you hunt for it?,” said Aju, panting.
Ambu was about to refuse when he said, “You can bat, if you find it.”
“Really?” Ambu’s eyes were shining now. He nodded.
She jumped and rushed to find the ball.
And soon limbu-timbu Ambu was hitting the ball with the bat.

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