Thursday, 24 June 2010

What do you think of me?

An old colleague of mine wanted to know what memories we had of her. The one that immediately came to my mind, wasn't a particularly nice one, especially so because it was kind of personal and had to be put up in a public space. I did it, nevertheless.
And, that as usual, set me thinking.
If I were to ask what was the first thing people remembered about me... what would they say? I am cluttered with thoughts and memories and as usual confused.
I did ask two people on chat and got no replies. Maybe they had BAD memories.
What if I were to ask myself about five memories/incidents that mean the most to me?
They are:
1)My marriage
2)My mother's death
These were the first two ones that popped into my mind. Life altering ones! I am yet learning, coping, adjusting and loving.
I can't think of three more memories, in order of importance/cherished ones, that is.
The images that are crowding before me are some from my post-grad days. A girl, who is in turns, whining, childish, stubborn and forever eating softies.
A girl, who is often distracted by books being sold on the pavement. A girl, who loved nosing through yellow-coloured pages of old, tattered books.
A girl, who hit a child on streets of Pune, while learning Activa. And, who after that had cried buckets and buckets and also vowed to never drive again. Had made umpteen calls home and said how bad she was and she was no good and apologised over and over again.
A girl, who was forever, on phone. Talking away into the nights.
A girl, who loved writing pages and pages of letters to friend and pen pals.
A girl, who loved the smell of mogra and looking at the star lit skies.
A girl, who slept with the walkman on, listening to songs.
A girl, who lived on waran-bhat (that's one thing I haven't given up)
A girl, who had a full-throated laughter (something which I am still ashamed of)
A girl, who didn't want to grow up.

If you guys know me, tell me what you think of me. Good or bad.

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