Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Lost, confused, impatient and WILD

I have been yelling around, rude to 'dumb' people and generally being a slave-driver. Sometimes I wonder, if I am too hard on people. Maybe I am. And, what can I do about it? I don't derive any pleasure out of this.
All I expect is that people put in their effort in what they are doing – concentrate on the task at hand. But, unfortunately, I have to deal with people who are distracted, slow (and not steady), and on top have an attitude problem. So I guess I am justified in making them run and getting work done.
As they say, its lonely at the top. (I am not exactly on the top, but when you have to get work done from three to four women, it does get TOUGH AND LONELY).
I can't bring myself to discuss commonplace topics when I am working. Nor do I enjoy taking frequent breaks. I am an employer's Godsend and employee's nightmare. Hahaha! LOL. This deters my juniors from building any real connection with me.
But, you know what, the juniors/trainees who have gone on to work in other places or switched careers, are suddenly dying to get in touch with me over the mails, phone, chat. Perhaps they realise that I was not as half as bad, as their present bosses' are. Hahaha!
This, however, doesn't make me any happy at the moment. I am feeling a bit lost, confused, impatient, wild and ready to burst. I am the volcano. Stay away!
Any suggestions to get along with your colleagues and get work done from them? Any Chicken Curry for my soul? SOS!


  1. I don't believe that you are a nightmare for your juniors/trainees. I am sure you pamper them a lot. Don't be too hard on yourself -- I am sure they all like you for the amazing person that you are.

  2. Thanks Tony. Felt a lot better afte reading it.

  3. chicken curry for the soul is just look at that person in front of u whose breaking ur balls, and tell them once they are really not worthy to be doing this job. if they still continue tell them to stay away from you. u can explain a thing once, twice but not thrice. if it comes to 3 times then that in itself is an indication that they are not meant to be in that field.
    join kickboxing or swimming seriously and one hour dedicate completely to this excersice whcih is as good as giving a kick in the ass of those who are beng a nuisance.