Thursday, 12 August 2010

My Grand Plans

I don't have much work to do this week. So, I guess that's why am in 'plan-making' spree. Even when there's lots of work, I keep making plans – what to do when I am free and not have much to do. Do I actually implementing the plans when I am free?
But, that doesn't mean I stop making plans, does it?
Well, I got this brain wave when P and I had gone out. We both saw a temple on a busy road, but hidden by some tapering structure and surrounded by trees. It was dusk and hence couldn't be seen properly from where we were standing.
I immediately felt like crossing the road and jumping over the ditch to the other side, to the temple, to see what it was like. P played a spoil-sport. So, we decided to come back here again during daylight.
I have always loved temples – not those where pilgrims and tourists make a beeline to ask for 'mannat' – where its all calm and quiet; where you can pray or dream or just talk to yourself and soak in the atmosphere.
Down South, where we went last year, we found many such temples. Same is the case with Konkan.
My first grand plan ( I am talking) is to sling a camera and go and take the pictures of these temples, dig into their history and start another a blog.
Keep watching this space.

My second grand plan is to travel in the lanes and bylanes of Pune – visit the tamabt aali (coppersmith's lane), Kumbharwada, Bhori lane – and buy all the stuff there. Or maybe just take pictures. We actually did a story on all these places, which have so much to offer. Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately) these places are not on the tourists 'must-see' spots. Therefore, they are 'not known'.
My third plan is to visit the museums in Pune and compile some information on them. There are so many of them and have so much on display (Am not talking about Peshwai here)

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