Tuesday, 7 September 2010

No Answers, Only ??????

Right now, I am feeling very exhausted and tired.
But, I don't want to mope or at least whine on this blog.
However, nothing nice or cheery comes to my mind...
If I could use drawing tools, I would sketch lines representing my thoughts in a criss-cross manner – if you look from far you can see a nice pattern; from close, it will look like a mess or clutter.
That's what is the current state of my mind.
I am so TIRED.
Am I working too hard? Do I need to see a psychoanalyst?
Am I tired of pleasing others? How difficult it is to do things I like?
Why do I drive people up against the WALL?
Why am I not sleeping well at night?
Why do I toss and turn endlessly?
Why do I babble in my sleep?
What is troubling me?
I have no answer. Only questions.

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