Thursday, 11 November 2010

Remember Me?

The new advts by Vodafone are cute, throwback to school days - particularly the one in which a girl saves a seat next to her for a friend. It was the same with all of us, I guess - likes and dislikes, friends, best friends and 'enemies'.I don't want to talk of my school enemies here - too petty and now when I look back, I think I made much ado of small things.
My bench partner, the one I remember, was Aarti Kurkure, in Std I. I don't remember whom I sat next to in jr and sr kg.
In Std III, I think it was Suparna. I don't remember the last name. I think she left the school after that one year. I particularly remember Std III very well because I lost my first tooth (front one - gaping hole, I tell you) on my birthday. It came out when I was eating lady finger veggie from my tiffin box. Suparna, who was sitting next to me in the class, made me drink water and rinse my mouth.
For days I worried that the tooth might now grow back and every morning I used to check if it had grown in the night. Add to that my mother's threat who said that if I touched the gap in my teeth with my tongue, the replacement might just disappear. I don't remember who I shared my bench with in Std IV and V. But, I do remember I had got very friendly with Parineeta, a girl from Darjeeling. I remember asking her if she was Chinese. I think till Std X, Pari and I were bench partners.
The class topper (Pari) and the class dumbo (me). We were good friends. We kept in touch when I came to college in Pune. Till junior college, we wrote letters, embellished with sparkles and designs, cards etc. After that we lost touch. I remember her birthday (March 9) every year, but somehow have never wished her.
We met again on FB, but except adding her as a friend and replying to her "Remember Me?" with "Of course can I forget you" I never made an attempt to contact her again. She is in the same town.
I wonder why there's a difference or lack of communication with people who were friends for years. Even if we do meet, I can't imagine the dialogue. What am I going to say?

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