Friday, 5 November 2010

Something to Crib

Today's Diwali...
And, I am in a crabby mood. (Isn't that an old story?)
So...let me just put down in points what I am missing in life at this point: 3.30 in the afternoon, Nov 5.
Here goes:
1)My pen friends and the letters we used to write.
Status: I'm not in touch with any of them.
2)My old camera. I clicked my college life and niece's photographs with it
Status: Left it in the almirah of my cupboard. Don't know if its working.
3)My old diaries. Used to write pages and pages when in college
Status: Burnt them. I am regretting!
4)Mogra flowers. Reminds me of Aai.
Status: Have to go back home and see if they are in bloom.
5)Chocolates. I used to hunt for them in my sister's bag, cupboard.
Status: I can and still eat them by dozens. But they don't taste that good.
6)Rains. The thunderstorm and the lightning.
Status: It doesn't rain in Pune. It just drizzles and cleans the road.
7)My home.
Status: It's still standing, rock-solid. I hope it does forever. I want to go back to it again and again – as long as I live. It should outlive me.

Okay...if you haven't understood...I am missing home.
But here I am sitting in the office writing weepy blogs.

1 comment:

  1. 1. get in touch with ur pen friends...they might be missing you too...
    2. check out if the camera still works...and click some new pics to add to the old collection :)
    3. you can always start writing them again...the diaries...with new memories...the old ones are in your heart... now make some space for new ones ...
    4. i guess u wanted to say mogra flowers...i am sure its in bloom right now...u just have to check :)
    5. the chocolates don't taste the same anymore because u used to steal them from ur sis and hence they tasted better...its not the same fun buying them and eating them...u r missing ur sisters reprimanding you :) other words u r missing ur sister...
    6. we all miss rains...u r lucky to be in pune and still enjoy they are cold and inhumane...
    7.a home is a place which is in ur heart and mind... hence it will always outlive you no matter where you are... :)