Thursday, 13 January 2011

Missing Ms Jingle Jangle

Is it Saturday today? Why is there a pin-drop silence then? The usual background voices/sounds are missing...and I have realised it now. I can't see Miss Jingle-Jangle's head bobbing over her work...nor have I met her at our favourite destination – loo.
Our paths cross there almost every time of the day when I go to relieve myself. Our paths cross...but we never ever smile.
In case I miss meeting her, I can always tell if she was there before me – the overpowering fragrance of her perfume and spilled water near the washroom. Reminds me of Archimedes's 'eureka' experience. (I am being wicked!)
Well....Miss Jingle Jangle's braying irritates me most of the times. She is forever on call.
“ I need you to book Mr....X and Y on this flight. He will be returning back on...” Her favourite topic though I can guess sitting on the other side of the aisle is, food.
Nahi..nahi sweet dish toh jaruri ahe. Hum log neeche gaye 5 min, 5 min karte rahein. Humnein toh kisiko chair bhi nahi diya. Par kadhi-chawal lane mein badi der lagi. Waise toh mein roj karela ka juice piti hun. Aur 45 minutes walk jaruri hain.”
Why am I being mean to Miss Jingle Jangle of ample proportion when she hasn't wished me any ill? (You never know...I don't know what she blogs!)
I am thoroughly bored and just thought that I would amuse myself by talking about people who are somewhere in the background when I work.

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