Wednesday, 2 February 2011

All Ears

I don't eavesdrop as a rule. I think it's slimy and creepy. But sometimes when you hear some interesting tidbits, you don't turn away, right? I have reproduced some tidbits with extra spice.
All ears?
A not-so-old lady (despite what she says): OMG.....I am soooooooooo sorrrrrrrrrrry dear. Sooooooo sorry to let you down dear. I keep forgetting...old age. I will get in touch after I am back from my holiay.
A woman (girl perhaps) wearing a plain, lose salwar suit. Hair unkempt: You know what...the other day... xxxx channel aired the interview I conducted with of Shankar-Ehsan-Loy. My uncle called up after he watched the broadcast and said, "Tuzhe sasarkadche sahishnu ahet bagh. Bagh...mahercha adnav lavayla manai karat nahit. Sahishnuch te!" All this about the sasar....and not a word about the interview, Hrrrrrrmph.
Roving Eye: See, here comes the 'Company Clown'. My God...she is so FOOLISH. Thinks no end of herself. But, humein andar ki baat pata hain...doesn't even clean up after...
Look at her...thrusting out everything. Chee chee!
I hope to write something substantial in my next post. Till then, Ciao! Tata! Bye!

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