Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Sisters can be pest,
Sisters can be best!

I know it's a BAD RHYME and not even a verse. But that's what sisters are - pest and the best.
I was a pest for my elder sister. We both love chocolates and as a kid I was always searching her bag for toffees, chocolates, Dairy Milk in secret zipped pockets and finishing them up.
I was always prying. I was always nosy. I was her shadow.
She is elder to me by 9 years - a decade apart. No wonder I was like a spoilt brat rather than a sister she could depend on.
Whatever talks I had with friends have told me that one sister is equivalent of a samurai army, ready to slay the person who troubled their baby. Am I glad that I NEVER had to face a class bully or 'well-meaning'  teachers never came in my way!
But I wonder what happens to the eldest girl? Whom does she turn to in difficult time?
I never bothered to stop and think until today. Whom did my sister go to when she needed to sob or ached for a pat on the back?
For me, she was always there.

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