Friday, 19 August 2011

Ever Wondered...

I suppose signboards reflect the changing times. But, I can't help wondering how a single apartment block becomes an international school.
Earlier, every English medium school HAD to be a convent school, even if it was in outskirts, in some non-descript village and even if it didn't have the jesuits/nuns/fathers teaching or running the school.
Now, every school HAS to be an international school. Even if the word International comes after the noun Saylee or Ryan or Vimal.
Likewise, when you have a tooth ache, you don't go to a dentist or a dentist's clinic. You go to a dental studio! A rootcanal procedure in these studios must be called as "shining touch to the molars and pre-molars."
Who said only photos are clicked at a studio? You can fix your teeth, hair, smile and even nails at the various studios scattered around your neighbourhood.
Thank God...the kiranamalache dukan is still the same...until it goes international and calls itself "Kiran's grocery studio".