Saturday, 13 August 2011

Remembering PC and Ackamma

I was lucky enough to meet PC Alexander and his wife, Ackamma, at Raj Bhavan. I was an intern then and the then Governor and his wife were to meet kids who were suffering from Cancer. I think it was on the occasion of Children's Day.
I remember running from the gate number 1 of Raj Bhavan right down to the State Hall, not even pausing to look at the helicopter whose blades were still whirring. Someone had just landed or someone just took off. I didn't care. I was getting late for the event.
When I reached the hall, all the kids and members of Cancer Patients Aids Association were waiting in hushed silence. The Ex-Governor's press secretary and his aides were also there.
And, then entered Alexander and his wife.
While the gentleman quietly fussed over the children, the lady was effusive with her affection. She went hugging and kissing the kids gathered there. The kids looked a little dazed.
On my way back, I paused a bit to look around the Raj Bhavan estate. I wasn't sure when I would get the chance to visit it again. I haven't as yet.
Ironically, Alexander passed away three days ago because of cancer. RIP

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