Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Thank You

Thank You Aymangla villagers (Bangalore-Pondicherry Highway) and Mr Nitin Tonpe of Cummins Engg Oil for seeing P and me safely back home after the horrible accident we met on our way to Pondicherry, last year, this day.
Thanks to all those people who helped me out of the car and ensured that I was safe and unhurt. I don't know their names, but I remember their faces all too well. In case I ever run into them I will thank them.
No thanks to that reckless, sleepy driver of the truck we hit into.
And, no thanks to the cops who fleeced both the driver (who was responsible for the accident) and us for a few thousand bucks.
Should I be remembering the bitter memory? I guess so...because I am still alive. I can't forget the fact that we did meet a few good souls too.
So thanks again villagers of Aymangla and Nitin Tonpe.

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