Sunday, 5 February 2012

Tidbits from Jaipur

Javed Akhtar: Born to Act
I think Farhan Akhtar is better off wielding the megaphone...and giving his father, Javed Akhtar a chance to show off his histrionics. He has the voice, he has an elephantine memory and he can act for sure. He can act happy when he's on the stage talking happily when unchallenged, acting up when presented with a contrary viewpoint, acting injured when his viewpoint is dismissed.

An evening of You Know...
The one phrase which was thrown around liberally, peppered all meaningful and meaningless conversations, discussions was..."You Know". 
You know....accompanied by slow motion of bejewelled fingers, was sure to cast a hypnotic spell on you.
Alka Pande, one of the panelist for 'Shringara...Costume is the temple of the mind',  began and ended her sentenced with "you know"

A reluctant film-maker
The bearded gentleman sulked. You could make that out right away. He was dressed to kill...the winter chill, I mean. He was standing on the fringes of one of the session. Perhaps because no one in the audience noticed him...or worse recognized him.
Oh hello! One PYT (heavily botoxed) I am told, slithered up to him. He smiled a wee bit. Next, some of the photographers realised who he was...and click, click. The bearded gentleman was grinning away happily. Next day's newspaper carried this caption under the gentleman's photo: Lost in Deep Thought.
I don't agree for sure.

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