Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I want to make a sleeping chamber: Makrand Deshpande

And I would like to sleep in it!


I was yawning, or trying to cover my wide open mouth with the back of my palm, when I read this premise of Makarand Deshpande's new play.

I yawned some more (this time without covering my mouth) and thought, “interesting”.

The protagonists are two masseurs who sleep for others, their clients. The girls have their own reasons for sleeping for others. One hopes to learn this skill so that she can sleep for her insomniac father, while the other girl hopes that her bed-ridden sister can sleep uninterrupted for few hours.

The only catch is that the masseurs who learn about their client's dreams, will keep them a secret. I hope to catch this play whenever it's staged in Pune because I love sleeping and dreaming.

I have some very vivid dreams and I am able to recollect them when I get up in the mornings. I can also sleep at the drop of the hat. In fact there was a time when I was in school and college when I used to study by lying on the bed, I used to eat sitting on the bed, I used to drink (water, that is ) sleeping on the bed. It was also my habit to walk sleepy-eyed to gather the day's newspapers, stumble back to my bed, spread the newspapers on the bed and read them one by one. (I know...I know... by writing all this on a public forum I am painting a “lazy bum” picture of myself. But, those who have lived in hostels and stayed as paying guests have this special association with their beds – mattress, chaddar, chatai - on which you spread yourself to have a good night or early morning sleep amidst all the clutter and noise of your roomies rushing for bath, or muttering prayers, or snoring away blissfully. Your bed and the chaddar is yours and yours alone. And, if couple of friends do manage to snuggle in your chaddar, you can be mean for once and push them away.)

Ah! So much for digression.

All you sleep-lovers and day/night dreamers, do watch this play whenever it's staged in your city. Meanwhile, I will go zzzzzzzzzzz

Good Night!

PS: Correction. I would like to sleep in the sleep chamber. I want to enjoy my sleep and revel in my own dreams. I don't want anyone indulging in vicarious pleasure of sleeping for me. And, snooping on my dreams!

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