Thursday, 31 May 2012

I Belong to the 80s

I just came across one of those feel-good fwds - life and time in good old 80s. The Doordarshan logo, the complan ad, serials like He Man and the rest.
It was quite a nostalgia trip - recalling dialogues like, "I have the Power" from He Man and taglines, "I am a Complan boy (innocent, wide-eyed Shahid Kapoor)", "I am a Complan girl (Ayesha Takia)" and Vikram-Betal too! I can still laugh at my sister's wisecrack after Betal's statement - Vikram, main tere bas me nahin aaunga. She used to say, "Bus mein nahi to rickshaw me aaja."
The TV in 80s and early 90s was something to die for. I remember the serial - Neev, the boys (school students, I mean ) in the serial - Kapoor and Chatterjee. Then, there was Kacchi Dhoop. I quite enjoyed the serial and remembered grabbing Little Women, because the serial was based on this book. I also read Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, after watching Kashish. Ditto for Tamas. I was too young to understand the Partition saga on TV, but the bits I remembered pushed me into buying and reading Tamas, the novel by Bhishma Sahani. Byomkesh Bakshi was another favourite. I tried hunting for the novel, but it's in Bengali, so unfortunately I can't thumb through the pages.
Remember Kille Ka Rahasya? I do. Again in parts. It was my introduction to horror genre.
Then, there was Udaan, Chunauti and of course Ramayan.
In fact Ramayan holds some special memories for me. I remember watching one of the episode at the house of some local big-shot. We were in Gargoti-Nipani for holiday and one Sunday, my sister, the kids of our hosts and I went to this big-shot's house (I can't remember their name unfortunately).  The living room, which was empty to begin with, soon started filling up with people. I was sitting in the midst of villagers numbering easily upto 100-150 people in one living room. At 11, the Ramayan serial began and everytime Lord Ram (Arun Govil) appeared in the frame, all the 200 hands went up in air and then the bodies bowed. In the midst of this, some MSEB guy had the temerity to cut the power supply. The defeaning uproar scared me and I wanted to get away. But, I couldn't. I could move only when the people around me rushed to the MSEB office, no doubt to take the MSEB guy to task. That was the mass hysteria, which no serial can match. Not even Satyamev Jayate, which's aired in the Ramayan-Mahabharat slot.
The best part of this nostalgia trip - most of these gems are available at Flipkart. Just order them and revisit the fun-filled 80s.

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