Monday, 6 August 2012


Well, this post follows a reverse procedure. Instead of being posted here first and then being uploaded either on FB or twitter, this was first written as my status/wall post on FB and as an afterthought is being uploaded here. Afterthought because what prompted me to write were the several smileys and cute li'l posters of two friends wishing "Happy Friendship Day."
To be frank, I thought they were nauseating bit; cute, sugary mssgs put me off. Really. That explains my forever frowning face. Bu then I remembered the mssg that a friend had texted me (got only two friendship day mssgs) yesterday. I was surprised because he wasn't a "believer" in Friendship Day. I wondered if he had become a "convert" and asked him. His reply was that he got a mssg from someone and he fwded me because I used to be quite "senti" about this day when we were in college and for him Friendship Day meant me.
I cringed on reading that. Yes, I was quite "senti" then, even touchy and even if I never sulked because someone else was sporting more friendship bands than me, Friendship Day was a religion I believed in.
So when did this transition happen..when did I change from a "believer" to "what the hell...who cares".
Maybe I have grown up? Biologically yes, mentally I don't know. Anyways, I do know that I can't bother to buy friendship bands or go on a mssg spree (Thank God! We didn't have cellphones when I was in college. After every monthly bill, I would have perhaps gone in search of foster father)
So my day passed off rather peacefully, doing things I liked, vaguely reminded of the big day by my niece who was texting her friends and once in a while yelled that she had to go to the market to buy Friendship Bands.
But, when I got to my house..this is what happened (down below is the FB post, all of the above was a rather long preamble)

Seeing so many Happy Friendship Day wishes on FB...I can't help but write what I did yesterday - on Friendship Day. I got my hands on my old college diary and read and tore off a few pages where I had scribbled my deep, dark (they seemed then) sorrows, foolish fears and lots and lots of lots of cards, letters, dried up flowers, chocolate wrappers (some bought by me and gifted some by friends), little notes. I laughed, giggled and smiled at those distant memories when I was 15, 16, 17, 18 and 20. I wish I could get back with my friends again. I won't say I wish I was 20 again - I'm 20! LOL
I want my friends back. I don't think I need to believe in the Friendship Day religion. Not one specific day, that is.

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