Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Surprises on the road

Spotted this monument on Chaul-Sarai road, in Raigad district. It's a protected monument, says the ASI  board. Sadly, no other information was available. Locals term it as ruins from Shivaji Maharaj's rule. Chaul-Revdanda were strategically important, so one can spot lots of ruins. Some of the loose stones have been used to build present day houses. So much for history!

These caves were again spotted on Chaul-Revdanda road. We couldn't climb up there, so  this  was clicked from  across the road

Locals say there are about 365 temples, big and small, and equal number of  ponds and  temple tanks. This one's a favourite because I had been here with friends after writing second year exams. Or was it first year?

Rameshwar Temple in Chaul, in need of repairs. You come away  feeling  happy and lighter in mind.

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